OnePlus One Phone Customer Support List Contact Number, Helpline, Email Id

By | 17th October 2014


OnePlus India Customer Support List Number, Helpline, Email Id, Complaint, Service Center’s, Branches Address, Toll Free Number

OnePlus is a China Smartphone manufacture Company which produces high quality devices like OnePlus One A0001. This company was founded in 2013. It already launched in these Countries Sweden, Denmark, United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Portugal.

Now, the OnePlus Smartphone Company has arrived in India. This Mobile has two variant 16 GB and 64 GB.

Customer/Consumer Contact Support India-

There is no Support Services Established for Indian User’s. But very Soon it will be introduced.

We will update all the Contact Support Number’s, Branch Offices, Service Center’s, Dealer Address, State Wise Service Center here.

Those who have purchased OnePlus One Smart Phone than made a Contact to the Dealer if any problem Occurs.

Till than Use Below Important Link-


32 thoughts on “OnePlus One Phone Customer Support List Contact Number, Helpline, Email Id

  1. Ninotchka Mohanty

    I bought the One Plus One on Feb 06, 2015, and my microphone has stopped working. ( ie: I am not audible to the other person unless I am connected with my headphone)

    As it has been only a couple of months since I have purchased the phone and it is extremely disappointing to learn of such manufacturing defects.

    Request you kindly help me and let me know how I could get a replacement for the same.

    Awaiting your reply at the earliest.
    Thank you.

  2. Aditya

    Hello Team,
    Service Order Number: JS15050800160
    I’ve purchased the OnePlusOne mobile after a very long wait for the invite.
    The experience with phone was good until you people rolled out some shitty update which increased issues with my phone.
    The phone was turning into a heating bar and it was causing ear pain when I was making calls,
    When I rushed to the service center on 4th of May 2015 they downgraded the update and confused me that the issue is resolved however after 30 mins of testing the issue started coming again.
    Is this the kind of service that I expect from OnePlus I am totally disappointed now, Moreover to add more spice to the issue the service center chap has informed that the motherboard on the phone had gone bad.
    Are you people serious and insane how cum the mother board get spoiled for such a hit phone in the market but later they confirm it to be known issue. So not only me there are many customers who are facing this issue.
    They promised me that it will take 15 days for the whole thing to get solved and I will receive my phone. They say i will receive it on June first week or second as per new update..
    However the service centers are so slow that they take months to resolve the issues, why do you people even provide service and make false promises, the best thing u can do is sell the phone for half price and forget about service.
    I’ve used all kinds of Android phones until now at some point of time I faced problems but they were rectified in the first place.
    ONEPLUS Service is pathetic I invested all my money on this phone and now I ask friends for standby phone,, seriously rest assured as soon as I get the mobile back i am going to sell it and post it in all customer service and ONEPLUS forums.
    Aditya prakash
    +919963553799oneplus one forum

  3. Suresh

    I have same expereince as others -mother board repair has taken over month & now i had to buy a new phone and following up for refund .
    No responses to any email & update .
    Very poor service & resolutions

  4. Suresh

    Does Consumer have recourse to Consumer court in such cases where Quality of product is so poor & the service takes 30 days .
    Replacement not provided nor refund -having paid nearly 22 K .

  5. Nikkitha

    I have been using one plus one for part 5-6 months. since last month my mobile isn’t working properly. Suddenly certain apps stop responding. And presently notification settings, vibrator etc etc has stopped working.

    Need a solution to enhance performance of my mobile

    Request Reply ASAP!!!!

  6. monika

    very third class catageory phone .useless phone
    even the service company provide is very bad


    I bought online oneplus one from amazon on April 1st 2015. Many problems found. Now past one week touch not working (bottom most side).But Chennai customer service center(egmore) not taken for replace of touch screen
    .They told to me top inside white sticker found red indication mark (water drops). I told no water drops inside fell down. But they were not accepted for taken free service. My 22k price is waste ????.

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