LG Toll Free Customer Care Number, Complaint Email Id

LG Toll Free Customer Care Number, Complaint Email Id | LG Electronics  (TV/Refrigerator/Washing Machine) Service & Repair Number

LG Electronic’s is the World one of the Finest Electronics Giant’s operates almost across the world. It is South Korean Industry popularly know for its Home Appliances. It was founded in 1958 by In-Hwoi Koo. It has more than 32000 employees working in its Industries various department.

It Deal’s in Various Products which are Given Below-

Home Appliances- Television’s, Washing Machines, Microwave Owen, Grinder, Blender, Toaster, Fridge/Refrigerators, Coffee Maker, Waffle Iron, Electric Kettle, Juice Maker, Utensils and Many.

Mobile Devices- Smartphones, Tablet, Smart Watch, Fitness and Activity Monitor’s.

Consumer Electronics- Personal Computer’s, MP3 Player, Digital Camera’s, TV, Phones, Camcorder’s and More.

LG also manufactures Vehicle Components.

To get Help in purchasing all above products, Registering the Complaint Regarding any products of LG, Giving Feedback/Suggestion and for solving any kind of Query than Contact to its Customer Support List Representatives Department which are Specially created to handle all Customer Related Problem’s.

Contact Details of LG Customer Care Department Toll Free Number, Office Address, Email Id, Contact Us-

LG Head Office Address-

LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.,
Plot No. 51, Surajpur Kasna Road,
Greater Noida (U.P.)-201306

LG Customer Care Toll Free Number- 18001809999

LG Branch Office Address State Wise-


C-21,1st Floor,Nr.Bus Stand,

Jaipur (Rajasthan)-

LG Electronics(I) Pvt. Ltd.B-71,Sahakar Marg,
Lal Kothi Scheme,Jaipur (RAJASTHAN)

Contact No : 2741553, 2742639, 5105392, 5113028
Fax No.:- 0141-5111540


LG Electronics (I) Pvt. Ltd.22 (1-A)/21(2-B)/2,
RIICO Heavy Industrial Area, Jodhpur(RAJASTHAN)

Contact No: 2742384, 2742392
Fax No.:- 5120030

Mumbai (Maharastra)-

Gennext Services, 117/938, Motilal Nagar,
No-1, Mumbai-400104

Amritsar (Punjab)-

Golden Services, 4,Moini Park,


Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)-

Prakhar Solution, 36-A, Chak Raghunath,Naini, Allahabad(UP)

Ahmedabad (Gujarat)-

LGEIL, 233-234, Platinum Plaza,
Judge Bungalo Road,Bodakdev Road,

LG Official Site- lg.com

If there is any wrong number is provided than let us know and we will correct it and it will also help our Visitor’s.

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  1. S. K. THAWAIT


  2. vicky jaiswal

    Dear sir, I am purchase a lg inverter ac few month ago. actually the problem I am facing last 2 weeks & I am complain in ur service center. 7 times technical person is coming n check the machine & said ur motor n pcb is problem. so I can replace the machine. and ur technical person is told me this is ur bad luck to purchase lg this product. so I want to replace that machine. service center has so many time harras me & my parents. so its request to take serious action other wise I will go the consumer form & take a very badly action to this type of mental harassment.or u can refund my money. I am giving u 7 working days otherwise if do not support me I will take go to consumer forum. thanks Vicky shaw 9830222114/9143082340



    Myself Mr. Prasad Prabhu. I ownLG AC,bought in yr.2012.
    Recently, the AC cooling had reduced and on 3rd Oct 2015 I registered a complaint via customer care (RNA151003022279), after inspection the LG technician said that the condenser is damaged, hence there is gas leakage.

    Further on 5th Oct 2015, the AC reached LG service center (Shree Sai enterprises,Chinchpokli,Mumbai ) and after constant followup, I was informed on 10.10.2015, by Mr. Bhagwan that the part has been ordered and will be available in 2 days.

    Then,I was told that the part is not available hence a copper condenser has to be assembled into the unit via some other vendor.If that was the solution,I could have done it via a vendor myself,why do I have to waste more than a week if it had to be done via some outside vendor?

    Then surprisingly,the part was available but with a warranty of 3 months only.What if the part has problem again?

    Today,16.10.15 after constant followup(and various reasons given by Mr.Bhagwan,Irfann and Mr.Haren),Mr.Haren said that the part doesnot fit the AC?Inspite of procurring original condenser how can the condenser not fit into it?

    How come a big well established company like LG does not have genuine part available?Plz address my query.

  4. Rajesh

    I am S.Rajeshkumar, from Tiruvannamalai, bough a refrigerator from your esteemed company LG
    Model – GL B205KMLN
    Dealer – Saravana Electronics stores Tiruvannamalai
    Purchased date – 19-08-2015
    Net cash payment -Rs.13,450.00.
    Now a day’s all are preferring a good and perfect products for all applications because of ease of use and maintenance, and so we were preferred (leading company) our LG product, but due to some more inconvenience only am writing this to you.
    It has been worked (good condition) till 16-10-2015 without any problem but on that day by evening it has not working i.e, not getting cooling. I tried to contact Customer Support List (18001809999) on 16-10-2015 at 18.42pm but they said due to net work problem, they cut the call. Again i called on 17-10-2015 at 12.03pm that time also they are not responding properly, so i went to Saravana Electronics asked them to registered complaint, because the vegetables, milk and fruits getting expired due to refrigerator fault.
    And on next day 18-10-2015 (sunday) morning 7.23am that time only my complaint get registered and my RNA151018022839 complaint has been generated as record. And that day itself a service boy (Name – Mr.Prakash and his Mobile number – 9585558014) came to attend my problem at 16.30pm. He came and directly replaced the Thermostat without finding out the problem, I too awaited to get a solution, but then also my product has not working (i.e, not yet cool), he then called to his manager and due to his suggestion he again replaced my original Thermostat, and he said the problem is gas filling and here in Tiruvannamalai there is no source for this problem, so my problem will clear within 2 days like that he said.
    So I waited, and I tried to remember the LG area manager (Mr.Idrish and his number 9585552301) on Monday 19-10-2015 at 11.49am he too said within 2 days your problem will let to clear.
    Again I waited and called the manager Mr.Idrish on 20-10-2015 evening at 17.46pm he said he is in driving and he will call me back within few minutes, but no response, so again I called him at 18.39pm he is not picking my call, I just keep shut.
    On 21-10-2015 morning again I called to Customer Support List at 11.48am, so I got call from 9585552304 and 9585552302 that they said the concern service engineer will attend your fault within today or tomorrow morning.
    Due to that call I too wait up to 22-10-2015 evening, no one came so to get the feedback I tried to LG Area manager Mr.Idrish at 19.24pm, he is not responding my call, so I called to this number 9585552304, I asked them the feedback but it is a lady, and she is not in the position to give me any feedback, and after few minutes again I called to the LG area manager 19.30pm talked for 5.37 minutes, he is not in the position to answer me he said that
    1. After 6.00pm he will not attend any call regarding customer service
    2. Also he said during leave days why should I answer you and how should I attend the problems
    So, due to this kind of statement I too shout at him and cut the call
    On 23-10-2015 morning 10.19A.m got call from local service boy Mr.Prakash and he came to home with two service Engineers Mr.Masthan and Mr.Imran at 11.14a.m they were came and tried to finding out the problem and they didn’t discuss with me and heated the flow lines and replaced the strainer (filter) and refilled the Gas and then they welded the joints at five specific joints. Then my LG refrigerator starts cooling slowly. And on the spot Mr.Prakash gave me the feedback asked me to fill it, and I too marked excellent in that feed back for their work that has been done at that time. So they went back.
    On the next day 24-10-2015 fully my product LG refrigerator worked but as not as better cool as on the first day of it’s cooling, but also I purchased some vegetables, milk and fruits, kept it in refrigerator
    The next day 25-10-2015 morning my product LG refrigerator stopped working, no more cooling, again complaint to the customer care at 13.47p.m.
    Next day 26-10-2015, Again I call to customer care centre at 12.21p.m and they registered my complain send an sms RNA151026020382, and so got call from area service centre 9585552302, again I explained my problem that I have faced in detail, they were not listened to my speak and simply they cut the call. In evening I planned to go and contact the dealer of LG product SARAVANA ELECTRONICS, talked to them and explained my problem that I was faced for past 10 days they asked the bill and they make a copy and wrote down my mobile number, totally I was very upset of preferred the LG(Life Good) but from my side it is bad.
    On 27-10-2015 morning waiting for the call from Dealer but again I fooled, then in evening I called to them asked the feedback, they said we will call to the customer service centre and will provide you the best solution.
    And in evening again the same 2 service engineers from LG (Mr.Masthan & Mr.Imran) came to home find out the solution that they have been done a wrong service at the last time, the exact leakage is at left side flow line of the compressor, but they exactly done the service, heated and welded on the right side of the compressor, this time only they find out the fault, but till date my refrigerator life time of working in good condition is only 56days, after that it is being idle in home for 12 days.
    We were fully upset and my family facing so many problems on these days
    1. 2 times of wastage of vegetables
    2. 2 times wastage of fruits
    3. Wastages of lime juice 10litres
    4. Wastage of butter
    5. Waste of pooja holidays
    6. So many times wastage of milk
    7. Also till now we are unable to buy milk for home
    8. Relatives were came for holidays, we are unable to provide anything from the help of LG refrigerator
    We are totally disturbed of your product LG refrigerator manufacturing defect, service, maintenance, customer satisfaction also customer feedback.
    We didn’t expect this from your esteemed company
    We are not ready to prefer again in LG products
    Kindly consider this as my painful incident and I request you to no need to do this again for any one, because all are expecting something really good products from our LG, and do the need full as soon as possible.

  5. B.Baskaran

    Dear Sir,

    My name in B. Baskaran, I bought the LG products like 42 inch LED TV (LW5700), Micro Owen, Refrigerator and Washing machine from October 2011 to October 2012. Last week from 25.10.2015 my 42 inch LED TV got repaired of video display is not appearing on the screen. I called LG customer care and complaint about my TV status on 26.10.2015, the compliant no is RNA 151026019300. Still now (30.10.2015) my problem is not solved due to non-availability of spare parts (Panel board). I not happy about my TVs repair and still the problem is not solved, also I am losing confidence about LG products quality and service reliability.


  6. Jaiprakash V Naik

    Home Appliance

    I Jaiprakash Naik had purchased two product from LG Shoppe situated at Mira Road East, franchise of Malaika Electronic at Sector 1, Shanti Nagar, Mira Road East, Thane.

    In January, 15, 2015 had purchased three door refrigerator and the compliant is still pending. The reason the LG mira road service centre is ruthless and useless and just want to mint money from the customer by delaying to give service during warranty period and once the warranty period is over, they are free to mint money from the customer. The deep freezer is getting choked with ice and we could see the ice growing like mountain at middle of the deep freezer. The complaint falls to deaf ear and the mail falls to blind eye. No response from the LG service centre, cause they are just waiting when the one year expiry is getting over and when we can mint money.

    Secondly had purchased LG 10.5 kg washing machine and the dryer is giving problem. The clothers are not fully dried as compared to other brand and the customer service provider informs saying “thoda to gila rahega,” then how come other brand machine resolves the problem fully and the clothes are dried fully. Not ready to listen about other brand product. Cause it hurts their ego.

    Almost wasted 67000/- and feel I have been cheated by giving a defective item both end. and the worst part after messaging the serior guy ASM Mr. Parag he too acts as deaf and blind. so one can understand how junior will react to the customer.

    Seriosly upset with the product and wasted my hard earned money. Dont know whether I have purchased a LG product or a LOW Grzde Product.

    God bless them and give some brain to work with innocent people.
    Jaiprakash Naik
    +91 9892513604

  7. J Raina

    requested your call centre to send the tech for re-installation of my LG 5.5 kg direct drive washing machine. Towards this, I requested that extra length pipe and cover also be brought by the tech. The tech arrived without the two items stating that the Call centre had not informed him to do so. As far as I am concerned, the lack of efficiency of your call centre has caused me unnecessary heartburn and put me off your products for the future. Pse institute remedial actions at your call centre. Deeply dissapointed by LG service.

  8. Vivek VAMAN manukar

    Dear L.G.Vivek Manukar Badlapur District Thane Aap se Requist Hai Pichle 3 Mahine Se Mera TV Band Hai 10 Complete Karne K Bad Bhi Mera TV Repair Nahi Hua .Bad me mujhe naya model lene k liye bola maine payment bhi kiya phir bhi 10 din k bad bhi TV Nhai mil raha hai Pls Requist Hai Ya Aap Socho 3 Mahina wo bhi without TV ghar me kaise rahe hum pls aap kuch to karo Vivek Manukar 9867718601

  9. Dinesh bhascali

    Dear sir,
    I want my New plazma installation
    Dinesh bhancali
    Adress -sindhi coloni
    h no 5
    mob 9893338161
    Neemuch {m.p.}
    model no 42pn4500

  10. Harish M

    My LG-G2 32GB mobile phone is not getting charged. I first got is checked at LG service center at rajajinagar. They have replaced the battery and charged. It again stopped charging after few weeks. This time I got it checked at LG service center marathalli. He serviced it and the mobile was working fine for a week. It stopped charging again. This is POOR quality product and service from LG brand. Please take this escalation on priority. Else will be forced to sue LG brand. Please call me at 9743945825

  11. Pratik Saraiya

    Dear concerned,
    I had purchased a LG Refrigirator from Airoli and within 3 yrs of purchase the refrigerator faced an issue ( lower door unit not cooling at all) . I registered the complaint and got a pcb replaced ( after long follow ups) for INR 4200. Again the refrigerator stopped working (the same issue) within just 7 days of the part replacement. I have been getting slower and unsatisfactory response from the service center and the on field engineer. My current request no is RNA151211069917. I request you to pls provide a resolution at the earliest or refund me my paid expenses. Treat this as urgent pls.


    I have purchase this product LG LED24LF452A date on 29/10/2015 but the TV does not working properly. I complaint call Centre the technician Mr. Sunil Kumar had visit & his mobile no=9599081587. RNA no-151106054050 .several time also call to customer care Centre no 9599081585
    I am very disappointed for that he no responses my complaint & the TV is still the same dead condition. Kindly replace the new product as soon as possible.
    M No-9711240429
    A1/109 probhu dayal ration shop.
    Ps-welcome.Seelam pur.

  13. sunil kumar

    sir hmari lcd ka charger khrab ho gya h or hm ise change krvana chahte h or m chahta hu ap mre no. pr call kre or hmara address h
    post-medhe ka pura
    district-karauli, rajasthan (india)or ye sunil kumar k nm s hi h or ap hme jldi s jldi charger bhjvayen ya phr ap mre email adress pr msg kr skte h ——–[email protected] or ye abhi service period m h or iska charger khrab ho gya h

  14. Bishwarup Chatterjee

    I have called for a AC service on 15th of Oct 2015 but the engineer came and told that there is a leakage in the AC gas. As I was not there at home he convinced my mother for an AMC and took the AMC charges of Rs 6588/- in cash and Rs 570/- towards service charges from her and told to lodge a complaint again after 30 days then he will resolve the problem.
    After returning home i found that this was mis-sale which the engineer has done and on very next day 16th of October 2015 I lodged a complaint at the LG local office here at Narendrapur Kolkata with Ms Neha Service Manager for reversal of AMC.
    She immediatlly told us that the reversal is not possible in LG and when I told her that we have not signed any documents that the reversal is not possible she told us to give some time as she has to take approvals for the same and she will give me a call after 15 days. Just to inform you sir 3 months have gone I have not received a single call from them. I keep calling them after every 15 days and last week she has told to submit some documents like cancelled cheque and PAN card etc for reversal which I have scanned and mail across on the same day. Now Yesterday she told me that the reversal is not possible after 3 months.
    I request your intervention in this matter as a company of this stature like LG cannot hold back my money for which I have never requested for and kindly cancel my AMC and return my money back otherwise I would be forced to go to consumer court for my rights.
    Thanking you in anticipation
    AMC Form NO: 14064249

    Bishwarup Chatterjee

  15. Dinesh T

    I am perches LG Webos smart tv last week Service your product dissatisfied because service manager basker & Service man mohan wrong approach so Pls teaching How to Approach A Customer in a Good Way because customer satisfaction is most important.

  16. bhavin gohil

    I have purchage LG Led 15-2-2016 from dipak rethem
    Still no budy come to set up my tv instrument frm LG ccomppany orcdistributor no budy not pick my call wich is many times i am dial. 079-22867645 i dont understand why customer service to pathetik.

    It is such a bad expirience from.Lg and dipak reathem ( new civil road mbica nagar sic asarwa civil ahmedabad 380016.
    Bhavin gohil

    1. bhavin gohil

      Ok and thanks to resolve the complain within 1.50 Hour
      Mr.Radhe shyam ji contect me in 15 to 20 minits and instol the instrument give the demo and realy good and helping neture well dressing and good job by mr.radheshyam ji

      Thanks LG .. and radhe shyamji

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